1:1 Pilates or Yoga class

Are you considering a private Pilates or Yoga stretching 1:1 class in Keynsham? Perhaps you’re recovering from an injury or surgery and need specialized support. Do you feel hesitant to join a group exercise class due to stiffness or age?

Imagine combining the benefits of Yoga, Pilates, and meditation to tone your body, promote relaxation, enhance balance, and improve your posture. Whether you’re seeking individual sessions for personal goals or planning a birthday party, corporate wellbeing event, or group session near Keynsham, Bristol, I have the perfect solution for you.

Experience a tailored class that caters to your specific abilities and welcomes individuals of all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned practitioners. Together, we will identify exercises suitable for you and personalise the class to meet your unique needs. As an expert in supporting older adults and those with lower back issues, I am well-equipped to guide you on your fitness journey.

Take the first step towards your goals by booking a 1:1 session with me. After experiencing the benefits firsthand, you can choose to continue with group classes or maintain exclusive one-on-one sessions. The power is in your hands to decide what suits you best. Don’t delay in prioritising your well-being and making a positive change in your life.

1:1 Classes

Pilates classes in Keynsham shoulder stretch

Beginners & Improvers Hatha Yoga

Yoga helps to calm the body and the mind and helps keep you flexible. This is recommended if you need some me time and time to chill and relax from your busy life.

Classes can be for individuals or groups. You can pick a destress class, partner or group relaxation or fun yoga.


Meditation can have a very positive effect on our attitude toward life. You will learn how to take some time to quiet your mind. This helps to soothe your nerves and reduce stress. Meditation can be an incredible tool to help you find your balance and stay relaxed and prepared to face the world.

Posture Project

Using exercises and sequences that can help correct muscle imbalances, this 4 week course focusses on improving your posture.

Lady practicing pilates

Beginners Pilates

If you are looking to improve your muscle tone and stretch out tight muscles try out a Pilates private class which is particularly good if you have back issues. If you aren’t sure which one to pick we can do a bit of both! Book your Private Pilates class in Keynsham today


The exercise or meditation class will take place in Keynsham at Sandhya’s studio or at Fear hall, 30 High Street, Keynsham. Parking available at Ashton Way car park for 40p. Alternatively you can do this online via zoom video conferencing.

Once booked, I will send you a medical form.

What to bring?

A mat if you have one. If not please contact me and I will provide one for you. Any other equipment such as exercise bands that may be used will be provided.

What to wear?

Please wear comfortable stretchy clothing.


If you aren’t ready to join a group class yet why not try out a one to one session, or double up on a one to one session with a friend or family member in Keynsham? Packages valid for 30 days from date of first 1:1 class.   24 hours notice required to reschedule your class.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Sandhya’s yoga classes are relaxed and friendly. Sandhya empowers everyone to work at their own pace and feel comfortable. I feel less stressed, calmer, have more energy, sleep better and more flexible since being taught by Sandhya “


” What an amazing experience for the mind & body. I often enter the class with a full head and achy body and leave feeling freshened & energized. This is all detriment to my teacher Sandhya. Sandhya teaches with calm enthusiasm and she always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed almost immediately. As someone that suffers from generalized anxiety- I have benefited so much from developing my yoga practice, learning effective breathing techniques and relaxation. Thank you Sandhya xxx “


“Thank you for another brilliant session. It was a struggle at first, monkey mind chattering non stop and breaking my concentration, but by the end I was calm and completely relaxed again. I really enjoy the format, the range of movements are great, the pace, instruction and adjustments work really well and I especially like the relax down at the end. Really looking forward to the next few sessions as I already get the sense of presence and connection.. Cheers, Nick “


“I have been attending Sandhya’s yoga class for a year. I cant believe the difference it has made to my life, I no longer suffer with back pain & have a lot more energy the day after class. Sandhya is a very kind, thoughtful & down to earth teacher who makes everyone feel welcome & valued. I would throughly recommend Sandhya’s class”.

 A V R I L

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