5 day challenge for pilates & relaxation

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In 5 days and I’ll show you how to begin to reduce your back issues. 

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Join this FREE 5 days of Beginners Pilates & Relaxation programme and learn how to move and exercise your body in a safely with simple and effective exercises to ease your back issues. Even if you haven’t exercised in years, on and off pain, suffer from slipped discs, struggle with sciatica or have general back ache.

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We start on 9th November. Registration closes in:






Introducing 5 days of Beginners Pilates and Relaxation programme:

I’ve taken my Pilates for Backs system and boiled down the initial steps you need to take and created this FREE 5 days of Pilates & Relaxation programme.

  • You will learn how to stretch out tight muscles so that you don’t feel like you are as stiff as a board.
  • I’ll share simple and highly effective ways to strengthen the core muscles so that the back feels stronger and more supported.
  • You will learn relaxation techniques to help you when you feel you can’t cope.
  • You will have access to a Facebook Private group where I will be every day to answer any questions you may have. The videos will be posted at 6am so you can watch at a time that suit’s you.
  • You’ll get access to everything you need to start your back journey.
  • In Facebook you can post in the comments how you got on. I will be there to answer questions and you will meet people who are in a similar position to you. All it takes is 20 minutes a day.


I’m in, sign me up.


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Ok, I’m convinced, let me in

“I’m already feeling stronger and more stable. I think I may have even lost some weight!”


“The exercises were simple and made me feel so much better”.


“I feel I have gained more knowledge about moving and exercising my body in a safe way.”


“It has been a great kick start to my self care and getting me back on track to exercise to help with pain and stiffness.”


“I enjoyed the exercises and completed them with relative ease.”


“It it wasn’t for you dear Sandhya I would be in huge pain – i’ve been doing the back exercises daily and they are now part of my early morning and late evening routine. ”


“I now have some exercises that help me feel more flexible and stronger.”


“It feels so good to get moving:

Frequently asked questions

What if I’m not able to complete the action steps during the challenge?

↳ It would be better if you could accomplish each daily action each day, because they all build on each other however it’s completely fine if you can’t!

↳ You’ll still be able to carry on through the challenge if you miss a day. Many previous participants have caught up after missing a day.

Can I watch the live videos later if I miss them?

↳ Yes! Every video and piece of material will stay in the Pop-Up Facebook group throughout the challenge so you can access them at a time that suits you.

How can I win the awesome contest prize?

↳ It’s all about participation! There are several actions you can take to accumulate points to win prizes!

How will I know when the videos go live?

↳  Don’t worry we won’t let you miss a thing! You’ll receive an email when the videos are posted so you won’t forget.

What time does each video posted in the group each day?

↳ The video will get posted every day at 6.00am (GMT)

How do I know if I’m a right fit for the challenge?

↳  You are a perfect fit if you are:

  • Completely new to Pilates
  • You’ve done a few Pilates or Yoga sessions in gyms but found them too hard You need some daily motivation
  • You used to exercise but haven’t done anything since you hurt your back
  • You have a history of slipped/ herniated discs

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