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After my car accidents I was desperate to take control of my back! I funneled my energies into finding a solution!  

I was lucky to have practiced yoga since a young age and knew that some of the poses were helpful, so I began to train as a yoga instructor and later as a Pilates instructor.  

I began to create the Pilates for Backs system that allowed me to take some control over my back instead of relying on visits to the doctors or body workers. 

I know you have tried everything doctors, physiotherapist, exercise classes. I know you might be worried about making your back worse. 

But the body has to move.  The muscles will just keep getting tighter and tighter if you don’t! Maybe you think you’ll do it at a later date but then later never comes! 

I know this is scary, but you have to start somewhere. 

Whether you’re dealing with prolapse / slipped disc, lower back pain or sciatica, Pilates for Backs is a proven and tested and gentle step to step system, helping you reduce the risk of long term medical care.

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Hi, I’m Sandhya. Previously a massage therapist, I’ve been practicing Yoga and Meditation since the age of 16. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I love walking, meditating and having a hot bath!

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