Beginners Yoga class sequence

Are you looking for a beginners Yoga class? But are not sure it is for you? When you think of yoga do you think that people might be contorting their bodies into uncomfortable positions?

Yoga is much more than that. It is a series of exercises that can be done by almost all people – not just the young who are in shape and healthy. Yoga can be performed by senior citizens, disabled people, and even children. Yoga is an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries. Over the years, it has risen in popularity as a way to stay fit, get in touch with one’s inner self, and keep a balance of sanity in a sometimes insane world.

Yoga can help bring you inner peace when you are stressed out. It can even help relieve the pain of headaches, backaches, and menstrual cramps.

Have you been thinking of joining yoga but think you’re not flexible or fit enough? Try out this complete beginners yoga sequence in the comfort of your own home and see how you get on.

Georgie teaches our complete beginners yoga class in Keynsham.

How to get rid of Back pain!

A few years ago I was riding my daughter’s bike on a BMX track and I fell off the bike. It was a terrible fall, as I bruised my ribs and pelvis and had cuts on my elbows. As you can imagine, it was such an unfortunate event. I have been free from backache for ages then, I had been free to move and stretch, to do my daily work without worries, and just be free from the constant dilemma of feeling pain from any parts of my body, especially my back.

You see, you can just feel really free and happy every day of your life for many years, then boom! Accidents happen. It may not even be like a huge accident, it can just be tripping over something, bending over the wrong way, or just randomly reaching for things, then before you know it, you’ve injured yourself, your back has fled up and you will just sit (or lay down) for weeks and months, daydreaming about the days your pain-free to do things that you love.

You can not downplay the pain of having recurring backaches. It’s so annoying like a constant nagging, it’s such an interruption like the advertisements on your favourite show, and it is painful, for some almost like a toothache. Even simple tasks may become such a workload, and the things that you do with a huge smile before will become tasks you’ll loathe because of your backache.

Trust me, I know the feeling. The fall I shared with you all has been like a shock to my system. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced three car accidents, I’ve been through a lot trying to repair my body to be like brand new. Then the bike accident happened. It felt like I had a bad flare-up of reaction to my past car accidents that whenever I had pain, questions ran through the mind like “What if I can’t repair my body as I did before? What if the pain won’t go away, ever? Will I just endure this pain forever, all throughout my days?”

If you will go through or are going through some kind of recurring back pains right now, I know you’ll do everything to bring back your old pain-free body. You may have tried going to the doctors, taking the prescribed medicines, tried Chiros and Physios, creams, exercises, tried to lose weight, but to no avail. It is so frustrating to look at magazines and stare at fit women or watch YouTube of women doing amazing things you’ve been able to do before. You’ll feel deflated, no chance, and no choice but to live with the pain.

But I’m telling you right now, don’t be. I did it, you can too! If you are currently experiencing back pain that may be due to accidents or just clumsiness,  or you are not but understand that accidents happen and you want to be always ready, then take heed!

When you feel that your body is ready to go through the healing process, or that your muscles have come down to spasm, you may need some hot bath, a hot water bottle, an ice pack, go to the doctor and take the necessary medicines. After all that, you will feel ready to:

1. Get moving again. Little by little, get moving. Often back pain is due to weak core muscles try out my exercise to test your core below.

2. Stretch out those stiff muscles. Carefully move your body, so you can be more flexible and agile.

3. Learn how to be calm and cope with the situation, to help with the mental stress that it has caused you. Try out a short meditation here.

I wish no other women have to go through the unnecessary pain of backaches and to worry about their future. Join my pilates class where I explain how to reduce your back pain using stretching and strengthening. If you would like to speak to me about customising a plan to reduce your back pain, I’d love to talk to you (P.S. no pressure on any of my calls!). Let’s drive back pains away, far away!

Wishing you a backpain-free life.

Sandhya Coyle.

Too scared to go to the gym or start a class?

If you feel too scared to go to the gym or start an exercise class read this:

Alice had been meaning to exercise for years now, but somehow, it never seemed to happen.

She was embarrassed to go to the gym, as everyone there seemed so fit and knew exactly what they were doing. She felt like a total beginner and was too intimidated to even step through the doors. 

One day, she decided to take a different approach and do some research on other ways to get fit. That’s when she stumbled across Pilates. 

She loved the idea of low-impact classes that could help her get in shape without the pressure of a gym. She thought this was perfect for her, so she signed up for her first class.

Alice was initially a bit nervous and anxious about attending her first class, but she soon settled in and enjoyed the class experience. 

She found Sandhya was very encouraging, and she felt at ease as she followed the movements. It felt good to move her body and to focus on her breathing. 

Alice was delighted with the results of her Pilates class. She had more energy than before, her posture was improved, and she felt stronger and more confident. Alice was so glad she had given them a chance. Not only was it better for her body physically, but it was also a great way to clear her mind and relax. Alice now looks forward to her Pilates class every week

If you’re looking for a way to get fit and feel better about yourself, why not give Pilates or Yoga a try? 

Sign up for a class today and enjoy the benefits of a low-impact exercise that can help you build strength, improve your posture, and relax your mind. 

Sign up today

Don’t wait another day to start feeling great – sign up today and experience the joy of Pilates and Yoga!

I currently spaces on Pilates Monday 5.30pm and Tuesday 9.30am and Thursday 7pm Yoga. 

Do you feel stiff and achy?


Do you feel you should make an effort to move or do some type of exercise such as beginners Yoga classes, but never get around to it? Most of us sit for our work, we eat sitting down, and to be honest all we want to do when we come home from work is plop down on the couch for a Netflix marathon until bedtime!!

Beginners Yoga in Keynsham relax

Perhaps you have been searching for beginners Yoga classes to ease this stiffness?
If you wondered what happens at a Yoga class, one of the common exercises is called a sun salutation. The Sun salutation aim is to stretch out and warm up every part of the body. The Yoga sun salutation which is shown below in the video.

Hatha Yoga beginners Sun salutation

If you enjoyed this I offer Beginners Yoga classes in Keynsham and online where you will learn:

  • How to stretch out tight muscles so that you don’t feel like you are as stiff as a board.
  • How to tone muscles
  • How to relax with a guided body scan

    Have a question?

    If you aren’t sure if Yoga can help you, please get in touch.

    Pilates for Backs online course

    Calling people with lower back ache!
    Do you find that after sitting down for most of the day and your back feels stiff and achy?
    Do you feel you should make an effort to move or do some type of exercise but never get around to it?

    Most of us sit for our work, we eat sitting down, and to be honest all we want to do when we come home from work is plop down on the couch for a Netflix marathon until bedtime!! ‍‍‍‍ Does this sound like you?

    If it does and you want to get moving, why not join my 5 day Beginners Pilates and Relaxation programme – starting soon.

    You will learn:

    How to stretch out tight muscles so that you don’t feel like you are as stiff as a board.

    Highly effective ways to strengthen the core muscles so that the back feels stronger and more supported.

    A relaxation technique to help you when you feel you can’t cope.


    I just want to say that your classes have enabled me to turn down surgical intervention for my back! I am without the constant pain that I was experiencing over a long period of time. So, thank you! Christine

    My back has been pretty amazing, I have been doing the exercises pretty much every evening (I have missed the odd one here and there) my back has held up great it hasn’t broken down at all since I came to meet you!!

    Having suffered with a bad back for many years, I had tried various sports massages and chiropractors which seemed to work for a short period of time (between a week and a couple of months) before my back would break down again.

    Thinking I would never be able to get my pain under control I found Sandhya’s details online and thought I would reach out.

    Sandhya quickly identified I had a weak core which was the cause of my issue, she gave me some easy exercises to do which I did religiously every day (they took about 10 minutes) since session my back has been much improved i have had no issues what so ever, the improvement is incredible.

    I try and do them twice a day, but obviously doesn’t always work out that way. You’ve made a big difference to my quality of life and cannot thank you enough.

    thanks again for helping me out with my back- it’s cliched, but I really do feel like a new man. I’ve even managed to start running again, something the  consultant said I probably wouldn’t be able to do again without significant pain!! David N.

    Want to find out how Pilates can help your back? Get in touch with me here

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Do you want to learn techniques to help you manage your emotions?

    Perhaps you have thought about Meditating before but thought #meditation involves completely having no thoughts? What if I told you this doesn’t have to be the case?

    Would you give meditation a try? 

    New Meditation class starting in Keynsham Wednesday mornings

    If you know someone who might find this helpful please forward details to them. 

    “Thank you for a beautiful morning, I have 2 small children and work full time, this is the first time for a very long time that I have made some time for me, its been lovely to have time for a bit of peace,quiet and to reflect on what I need for me, more please’ – Kate

    “Thanks Sandhya really calm relaxing meditation class, (needed after hectic start 2 day)I think u have the perfect balance” Linda 

    ” Thank you for the meditation. I have found it very useful, I’ve been taken a bit of time out of each day for this,, thank you so much for teaching me”. Natalie

    “Thank you for having me in the session earlier. I really enjoyed experiencing mindfulness with people and it felt so relaxing. ,You are such an expert.” Hiba.

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