Simple balance exercises

Try these effective balancing exercises for older adults. 🎥 Balancing exercise 4 for older adults 🎥 Balancing exercise whilst cleaning your teeth

Mindfulness Meditation

Do you want to learn techniques to help you manage your emotions? Perhaps you have thought about Meditating before but thought #meditation involves completely having no thoughts? What if I told you this doesn’t have to be the case? Would you give meditation a try?  New Meditation class starting in Keynsham Wednesday mornings If you …

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Stress relief techniques

We all deal with stress differently so don’t give yourself a hard time if you are feeling like life is getting on top of you. Here are some of my tips to help manage stress. Which tip is your favourite? I find meditation so useful!

Back pain

Is back pain getting in the way of your favourite activities? A sport, perhaps? Or just being able to enjoy yourself as a young parent?  Today, I want to share the good news with you. It is possible to live the life you deserve.  I was able to do it. And my client, Nick, is …

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Pilates for backs

Strengthening your core muscles (the muscles that wrap around your lower torso like a corset) is a game changer for long term support of your back and if you want to reduce your back ache you need to learn how to do this safely.  It gives you a stronger support system for your back and …

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