How I Make the Most Out of Being Indoors?

Focus only on what you can control.

Panicking is never an answer to anything. It will only cloud your judgment and get in the way of living your life the best you can.

I already come to terms that the effect of COVID-19 on my family and business will be immense.

So, I take things one step at a time.

I focus on what is under my control rather than what I cannot control. Take concrete steps to follow precautionary measures and recommendations by the government as I stated in my last email.

Practicing these recommendations means I am already doing my part to help keep myself, my family and the rest of the world safe.

Avoid heavy consumption of news and social media.

I know we have to be alert about what’s happening to our country and the rest of the world. But too much exposure to news and social media can only increase our distress and anxiety.

So, keep yourself informed and follow reputable sources only. Be cautious about fake news and stop sharing every bit of information you come across.

 And at all costs, avoid arguing with others online. We’re all in this together.

Establish a regular routine at home.

I know we are not used to having too much time in our hands. But having a regular routine works best to stay productive and have a sense of purpose.

Set aside time to do things that you love.

Or remember those things you have been putting off for a while because you lack the time? NOW is the perfect time to do it.

Learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, try a recipe – whatever works and will make you feel good and your mind occupied.

Exercise and keep moving!

Staying at home is not an excuse to be sluggish. Make it a point to get enough exercise every day to boost your immune system.

No equipment? Not sure which exercise is for you? 

There are a lot of exercises that don’t require equipment or machine and can be found online. All you need is your willing body and if you haven’t done much exercise before perhaps start with Pilates or Yoga as these are low impact so not as strenuous as others.

If you want to learn about it, give me a heads up and we can talk about online classes that will work for you.

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Focus on your healing.

Take this time to focus on your healing and recovery – be it a mental struggle or physical pain that has been bothering you for a long time. Going out for treatments may not be an option for now, but how about trying online classes to ease your pain?

If lower back pain has been bothering you or if you just want to quiet your mind through yoga, let me help you with that.

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