Pilates for Backs online course

Calling people with lower back ache!
Do you find that after sitting down for most of the day and your back feels stiff and achy?
Do you feel you should make an effort to move or do some type of exercise but never get around to it?

Most of us sit for our work, we eat sitting down, and to be honest all we want to do when we come home from work is plop down on the couch for a Netflix marathon until bedtime!! ‍‍‍‍ Does this sound like you?

If it does and you want to get moving, why not join my 5 day Beginners Pilates and Relaxation programme – starting soon.

You will learn:

How to stretch out tight muscles so that you don’t feel like you are as stiff as a board.

Highly effective ways to strengthen the core muscles so that the back feels stronger and more supported.

A relaxation technique to help you when you feel you can’t cope.


I just want to say that your classes have enabled me to turn down surgical intervention for my back! I am without the constant pain that I was experiencing over a long period of time. So, thank you! Christine

My back has been pretty amazing, I have been doing the exercises pretty much every evening (I have missed the odd one here and there) my back has held up great it hasn’t broken down at all since I came to meet you!!

Having suffered with a bad back for many years, I had tried various sports massages and chiropractors which seemed to work for a short period of time (between a week and a couple of months) before my back would break down again.

Thinking I would never be able to get my pain under control I found Sandhya’s details online and thought I would reach out.

Sandhya quickly identified I had a weak core which was the cause of my issue, she gave me some easy exercises to do which I did religiously every day (they took about 10 minutes) since session my back has been much improved i have had no issues what so ever, the improvement is incredible.

I try and do them twice a day, but obviously doesn’t always work out that way. You’ve made a big difference to my quality of life and cannot thank you enough.

thanks again for helping me out with my back- it’s cliched, but I really do feel like a new man. I’ve even managed to start running again, something the  consultant said I probably wouldn’t be able to do again without significant pain!! David N.

Want to find out how Pilates can help your back? Get in touch with me here

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