“Why go to Yoga?”

I’m desperate to go to Yoga. It’s not liked I haven’t tried. Tuesday I arranged for my son to be looked after so I could go to Yoga. I show up but the class is cancelled so today. I arrange to go into Bath, my mum to have the children and arrive at Yoga 20 minutes early to be told it is fully booked. Then, my mum asks me. “You do so much Yoga why do you have to go?” I NEED Yoga. I just like to go to a class and switch off. Not to have to think about what poses I want to do next but to drift off in a meditative state and zone out. That’s why I have to go to yoga as a student. I need to remember how it feels at the end of a Yoga class when my aches have disappeared and my mind feels reset again. Able to cope with the world and be a better wife, a better mum, a better friend.. That’s why I HAVE to go to yoga! Sandhya.Yoga si

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