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Pilates for Backs – 90 Days


Pilates for Backs Programme is a proven and tested and gentle step-to-step system which has been specifically formulated and systematically designed for lower back pain, helping you reduce the risk of long-term medical care. 

It has three main parts:

Part 1: Breathing, Warm-up, and Mobilizations I will teach you a breathing technique to calm your mind and release pain from your body. I will also guide you through warm-up exercises and mobilizations method pertinent to your condition and back issues.

Part 2: Stretching I will coach you through stretching exercises that will aid your tight muscles, improve your posture, and reduce your everyday pains.

Part 3: Strengthening In this part we will reduce the risk of your back pain from flaring up again. We will focus on increasing your muscle strength to improve your quality of life, bone density, and has anti-aging effects as well.

Imagine a Life Free from Any Pain and Injury!

Now is the time to invest in your health. Invest in your future. Your future self will thank you for this. Are you ready to take action?

This programme is self-guided and you follow the videos starting and finishing it to fit in with your lifestyle, at any time that suits you.

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