“Change happens through movement and movement heals”. Joseph Pilates


Pilates for Backs

Beginners to Improvers:  Monday 7.00pm & Tuesday  9.45am

Improvers: Monday 5.35pm & Wed 9.45am

121 and home guided online programme available too.
All classes are now via video conferencing.


Specifically designed for individuals with lower back pain

If you have found other Pilates classes too hard this is the class for you. 

No sit ups, no crunches. Low impact gentle, exercise. Suitable for those with back injuries. Go at your own pace…

Try Pilates for backs to reduce back pain and improve your core by stretching and strengthening the back muscles.

Take it at your own pace..Be kind and gentle with your body.

Pilates is a low impact (no jumping or getting sweaty!) exercise that is recommended by Osteopaths, Chriopractioners and Doctors to reduce back pain.

Students say they leave feeling stronger, happier and more relaxed.

Sandhya’s classes are focused on improving mobility and flexibility of the spine and strengthening the core muscles of the body. This helps to stabilise the spine and prevents any injury and helps you recover from an injury, car accident or slipped / herniated disc.

Maximum 16 in the class to cater for individual attention. 

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K I M , 5 9  Y E A R S 

I have been attending Pilates for 9 weeks and I woke up for the first time without the usual limitation in my back. Usually I ‘carefully’ get up out of bed. I still got out on bed using a method I had learned, but my back was definitely freer! It felt different. I thought I must have been dreaming. My back felt the best it had done since it first ‘went’.

A L I S O N:

“My back pain has eased considerably. I feel invigorated”.

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A N N:

“My core strength has improved and I feel more supple”.

D A V I D , 6 1  Y E A R S:

“I have been suffering from sciatica since February this year and a recent MRI revealed defect pars of the L5 vertebrae. Attending ‘Pilates for backs’ twice weekly for 6-7 weeks together with similar physiotherapy exercise at home has definitely reduced this pain so that its more tolerable. This has meant that I have recently renewed my gym membership to undertake gentle exercise and I am playing golf again albeit with ‘half swings’. The long wait for medical treatment is now so much more bearable! “

S H A R O N:

“I find great peace in this session & whilst it is exercise I find it very therapeutic for my mind. To sum up in one word – Empowering!”.

B A R R Y:

“I have enjoyed the Pilates classes so much. Sandhyas laid back approach made it easy for me to learn as I was nervous at first!! Its a really great class and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

E L I Z A B E T H:

” I am really enjoying the beginners course. Your teaching and approach is really good and I am so pleased.”

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