Pilates on demand

Pilates bitesize

Get yourself into the habit of moving with these 5 Mini 15 minute short and effective Pilates & Yoga Workouts you can fit into your lunch break!

  • Pilates with weights
  • Pilates Mini Ball
  • Pilates Better Backs
  • Yoga for stiff achy muscles
  • Pilates Activation Band

£15.00 for 1 months access.

Pilates for backs

Begin to take control over your back in 28 days with gentle exercises you can do at your own pace and at a time that suits you. 

Would you like a proven and tested, step by step exercise system, helping you to reduce the risk of long term medical care that you could do in your own environment where you feel safe and at your own pace? 

Now is the time to invest in your health. Invest in your future. Your future self will thank you for this. Are you ready to take action? 

And if after you have completed the first two modules and have submitted two weeks of your completing the weeks review and aren’t happy with the programme – you will receive a refund on the portion of the unused programme.

Is it for me?

  • Does your back ache come and go?
  • Do you bend and your back goes out for no reason?
  • Have you been told by your doctor that you are getting older and that these types of aches and pains come with old age?
  • Do you have a prolapsed or slipped disc, sciatica or non specific lower back issues?
  • Do you feel intimidated by going to an exercise class?
  • Do you want to know the exact movements to do to reduce your lower back issues so that your back issues will be alleviated so much that it doesn’t impact your life every day?
  • Do you want videos to be sent to you by email so you can do them at a time that suits you?

  • If you answered yes to the above, sign up today for 28 days of Pilates for Backs. £67.00

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