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Pilates for Backs (Improvers)

Monday 5.30pm (now back at fear hall) and Wednesday 9.45am


Pilates for Backs (beginners to improvers)

Monday 7.00pm and Tuesday 9.45am


121 Private sessions 

Available at request.

£35 for 30 minutes, £45 for 45 minutes, £50 for 1 hour

Yoga for the Inflexible

Wednesday 11.30am (FREE to those in BANES)

Thursday 6pm (Beginners to Improvers)


Meditation & relaxation for minds that won’t stay quiet

Tuesdays 10.45am (FREE to those in BANES)




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COVID 19 – All sessions, apart from Mon 5.30pm are running via video conferencing / zoom

How does online video conferencing work?

The sessions will take place via Zoom video conferencing / live stream.  You will be sent a link to Zoom.  You will need to download Zoom before the session.  Once you click on the link you will be transported into my garden studio, as if by magic!


I will be able to see you and therefore able to give you suggestions as to how you can adapt your practice or movements to make sure you are safe in the exercises. Please set up your computer or tablet so that it is facing you side on if possible.


You can access via a phone but please be aware that I will be larger on a computer or a tablet.


If you wish to watch any videos from other classes click here to watch 

Current Address: Fear Hall, 30 High Street, Keynsham, BS31 1DQ

  • Parking at Ashton Way carpark 40p for 2 hours

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