Too scared to go to the gym or start a class?

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If you feel too scared to go to the gym or start an exercise class read this:

Alice had been meaning to exercise for years now, but somehow, it never seemed to happen.

She was embarrassed to go to the gym, as everyone there seemed so fit and knew exactly what they were doing. She felt like a total beginner and was too intimidated to even step through the doors. 

One day, she decided to take a different approach and do some research on other ways to get fit. That’s when she stumbled across Pilates. 

She loved the idea of low-impact classes that could help her get in shape without the pressure of a gym. She thought this was perfect for her, so she signed up for her first class.

Alice was initially a bit nervous and anxious about attending her first class, but she soon settled in and enjoyed the class experience. 

She found Sandhya was very encouraging, and she felt at ease as she followed the movements. It felt good to move her body and to focus on her breathing. 

Alice was delighted with the results of her Pilates class. She had more energy than before, her posture was improved, and she felt stronger and more confident. Alice was so glad she had given them a chance. Not only was it better for her body physically, but it was also a great way to clear her mind and relax. Alice now looks forward to her Pilates class every week

If you’re looking for a way to get fit and feel better about yourself, why not give Pilates or Yoga a try? 

Sign up for a class today and enjoy the benefits of a low-impact exercise that can help you build strength, improve your posture, and relax your mind. 

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Don’t wait another day to start feeling great – sign up today and experience the joy of Pilates and Yoga!

I currently spaces on Pilates Monday 5.30pm and Tuesday 9.30am and Thursday 7pm Yoga. 

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