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Why sitting all day can lead to chronic pain

Have you ever been sitting down most of the day and then when you stand up.

Your hips and back, shoulders and neck feel soooo locked up …


If this is something that happens on a regular basis, it can land you in a no-win cycle of aches & pains and maybe even injury.

It goes something like this:

  • You get aches & pains because your muscles are tight from not moving.
  • So you end up moving even less, because you have aches & pains.

You can see how over time, this can put some real limits on your lifestyle and even your health!

The good news is that there are some SIMPLE things you can do to break the cycle (and even avoid it in the first place).

  • Move! Every hour stand up and move around for a few minutes. Set a timer to make this happen. If you’re on a road trip, take a little walk during rest stops.
  • Stretch. Your hip flexors can get super tight when you sit a lot. This can cause a chain reaction in your other muscles, making them get tighter or weaker. Keeping them flexible now can help you avoid injury in the future.
  • Be more active. When you’re not sitting, find ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine. Exercise, take regular walks, take the stairs, park farther away, and find excuses to move! Not only will this give those tight muscles a break, it will help keep your metabolism revved!

Try doing these 4 things every day for one week and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

If you want some motivation to get moving join my Pilates or Yoga sessions in Keynsham and on zoom. 

Why sitting all day can lead to chronic pain Read More »

How can you look after your back when you can’t get to an Osteopath, Chiropractor, Masseuse or an exercise class?

That’s a regular thought that goes through many of my clients heads!

Truth?  You can help yourself without going out of the house by exercising.

Now…hear me out for a minute.  Many of us know that moving is super important but did you know that our body features a fascia membrane that surrounds our muscles and is like several layers of clingfilm, and if we do not move regularly the fascia gets tighter and thicker and we become more and more stiff.

In addition to the above, the muscles become shorter and tighter from reduced movement.  If we don’t stretch our muscles this can lead to injuries from everyday movements such as reaching to put your socks on, making your bed, or getting up and down from a chair!  So moving regularly and stretching is most important to daily life.

But where do you start and how do you get motivated? I understand that getting motivated to do anything for yourself can be challenging and during a pandemic, it can be equally HARD and I don’t want you to do this alone.

Which is why I’ve decided to share with you the exercises I used to take control over my back.

The truth is, most clients I work with have back issues and also a weak core.  But how do you know if this is the case for you?  Try out for yourself. Try my knee lifts exercise and time how long you can hold it for if, under 50 seconds, your back issues could also be from a weak core.

If this is the case then I can help you.  My core was weak too, I had my appendix out when I was 10 and now looking back I think a lot of my issues came from that time.  If we can fix the underlying issues of back issues then we can begin to reduce the effects that bad backs have on our lives!   Pretty cool, right?

After explaining this concept to hundreds of clients and seeing lightbulb after lightbulb go off, I decided to put together this 2 week programme to tackle back issues without leaving you wondering what exercises might not be right for you and your back.

In it, I share with you my 3 steps to start your back healing journey and it includes:

✅Printable illustrated practice sheets showing you the specific exercises to do.

✅Instructional guided videos showing you how to exercise effectively and safely

✅Printable Progress diary so that you can see the progress you are making

✅Guided weekly step to step plan to follow and keep you on track.

If you think this is something you want to find out more about it, please reply with “me please”.

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How can you look after your back when you can’t get to an Osteopath, Chiropractor, Masseuse or an exercise class? Read More »

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