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Should you do Pilates if you have sciatica?

What exactly is sciatica?

Sciatica, also referred to as nerve root or radicular pain, is a prevalent condition. It is characterised by pain experienced in the leg and reaches all the way to the foot. Sciatica is typically originating from the lower back.

When it comes to sciatica, it is beneficial to consider Pilates as an option. Pilates can help alleviate sciatica pain and is a great rehabilitation tool. To witness the transformative power of Pilates, I recommend watching this video featuring Dave’s inspiring story. Discover how he managed to reduce his back pain and eliminated the need for back surgery.

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How Pilates Helps to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain can be a frustrating and debilitating condition that affects many people. It may be caused by various factors, including poor posture, weak muscles, and injuries. If you’re dealing with back pain, you may be looking for a safe and effective way to alleviate your symptoms. Pilates can be an excellent choice for relieving back pain and improving spinal health! Watch these short yet helpful videos to give you an idea on how Pilates could you help you.

Pilates can be a powerful tool for relieving back pain and improving spinal health. Incorporating Pilates exercises into your routine can strengthen your core muscles, improve flexibility, prevent injuries, and increase your body awareness. Whether you’re dealing with chronic back pain or simply looking to prevent it, giving Pilates a go may give you a healthier, pain-free back!

Check out the Pilates class schedules I offer. You can book for a 1:1 session too, either in Keynsham or on Zoom!

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Pilates Commonly Asked Questions

Pilates is a popular form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the core muscles, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall fitness. If you’re new to Pilates, you may have some questions about how it works and what to expect. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Pilates:

  • What is Pilates?
  • What does Pilates do?
  • How to do Pilates with weights and equipment?
  • How to do Pilates? – Standing Exercise
  • Is 20 minutes of Pilates enough?

By watching these videos, you can learn how to perform Pilates exercises safely and effectively and discover the many benefits of this popular form of exercise. So, grab your yoga mat and get ready to explore the world of Pilates!

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Upper Body Mobility

Upper body mobility is essential for maintaining good posture and preventing pain or discomfort in the shoulders, neck, and upper back. With this Upper Body Mobility playlist, you can improve your range of motion and reduce the risk of injury.

As with any exercise routine, it’s important to listen to your body and avoid pushing yourself too hard. Start with small movements and gradually work your way up to more challenging exercises. When you’re already comfortable, try these exercises next:

By incorporating these upper body mobility exercises into your routine, you can enjoy better posture, improved athletic performance, and reduced risk of injury. Give this playlist a try and see how it can benefit your upper body mobility!

Have you been looking for yoga classes in Keynsham? If you are wanting to Stretch, relax and reduce your stress levels, try one of my gentle Hatha Yoga classes.

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Pilates for Backs online course

Calling people with lower back ache!
Do you find that after sitting down for most of the day and your back feels stiff and achy?
Do you feel you should make an effort to move or do some type of exercise but never get around to it?

Most of us sit for our work, we eat sitting down, and to be honest all we want to do when we come home from work is plop down on the couch for a Netflix marathon until bedtime!! ‍‍‍‍ Does this sound like you?

If it does and you want to get moving, why not join my 5 day Beginners Pilates and Relaxation programme – starting soon.

You will learn:

How to stretch out tight muscles so that you don’t feel like you are as stiff as a board.

Highly effective ways to strengthen the core muscles so that the back feels stronger and more supported.

A relaxation technique to help you when you feel you can’t cope.


I just want to say that your classes have enabled me to turn down surgical intervention for my back! I am without the constant pain that I was experiencing over a long period of time. So, thank you! Christine

My back has been pretty amazing, I have been doing the exercises pretty much every evening (I have missed the odd one here and there) my back has held up great it hasn’t broken down at all since I came to meet you!!

Having suffered with a bad back for many years, I had tried various sports massages and chiropractors which seemed to work for a short period of time (between a week and a couple of months) before my back would break down again.

Thinking I would never be able to get my pain under control I found Sandhya’s details online and thought I would reach out.

Sandhya quickly identified I had a weak core which was the cause of my issue, she gave me some easy exercises to do which I did religiously every day (they took about 10 minutes) since session my back has been much improved i have had no issues what so ever, the improvement is incredible.

I try and do them twice a day, but obviously doesn’t always work out that way. You’ve made a big difference to my quality of life and cannot thank you enough.

thanks again for helping me out with my back- it’s cliched, but I really do feel like a new man. I’ve even managed to start running again, something the  consultant said I probably wouldn’t be able to do again without significant pain!! David N.

Want to find out how Pilates can help your back? Get in touch with me here

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Back pain

Is back pain getting in the way of your favourite activities? A sport, perhaps? Or just being able to enjoy yourself as a young parent? 

Today, I want to share the good news with you.

It is possible to live the life you deserve. 

I was able to do it. And my client, Nick, is starting to live his life in his own terms too. Let me tell you his story.

Nick felt like an old man in his early 40s.

Nick is only forty years old but already feels like he’s in his 70’s. He has been enduring pain and discomfort on his lower back and at the back of his legs and knees for as long as he can remember.

In the last 3 years, the pain became more regular – putting Nick in constant episodes of pain. He barely plays golf anymore, a sport he loved doing every other day. Then the final straw came when he realised he couldn’t enjoy playing with his two-year-old kid or function properly at work.

Can you relate to this at all?  

If yes, try out a trial session with me today all you need to do is visit my website and click book now.

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Knee lifts - pilates core exercise

Pilates for backs

Strengthening your core muscles (the muscles that wrap around your lower torso like a corset) is a game changer for long term support of your back and if you want to reduce your back ache you need to learn how to do this safely.  It gives you a stronger support system for your back and It helps reduce the risk of further injuries and flare ups.

But what is really important is to find exercises that are not too difficult for you to do.

Strengthening your core is one strategy that will give continued support to the back and in most cases is more important than just stretching.

That’s why I recommend this gentle exercise which is suitable for those with lower back ache, slipped/herniated discs, spinal stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and more.

This exercise is called knee lifts, give it a try and see how long you can hold it for, if under 40 seconds you could benefit from Pilates.

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Too old to start exercising?

Do you think you are too old to change

I have a few questions for you today to reflect on

 🤷‍♀️If you think you are too old to change

🤷‍♀️If you think you are too old to learn something new

🤷‍♀️If you think “well what can I expect at my age”

🤷‍♀️If you think it’s too late, i should have started years ago ..

Think again… you are never too old to change or improve your health, fitness and mindset!!

If you are looking to do some short effective movements try out my exercises for older adults: 

Simple shoulder exercises for seniors

Foot exercise for seniors 

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5 Important Tips to Improve your Posture at Work

Some of you are enjoying the perks of working from home, I mean, who doesn’t, right?

Whether you are working from home or working physically in the office, this video is perfect for you.  I will be sharing 5 important tips to improve your posture at work.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but being seated for extended periods of time exposes you to bad posture which not only increases feelings of depression, zap your energy and cuts off your circulation but also puts you at risk of chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. But don’t worry as that’s what I am here for today, watch the video to find out my 5 tips to improve posture at work.


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How Vicky feels much stronger and mobile

There is one common thing I see with people who are struggling with their lower backs and  I’m going to show you how you can overcome it.

But first, check out one of my clients, Vicky who struggled with becoming more immobile and taking more pain killers for months, wanting and trying to reduce her back pain.

Anytime she thought about trying a Pilates class she felt very scared, so she tried a Yoga video at home but she didn’t have the strength to keep up, it was too hard for her

It just made her so uncomfortable, she managed to injure herself more until she finally decided to stop doing what wasn’t working…

My worries about not being able to keep up were put at ease. Anything I struggled with Sandhya was brilliant giving lots of variations and I feel so much stronger and I’m now more active.”

Vicky struggled not only with lower back pain, but with one of the most common feelings when it comes to exercise:

“I’ve tried everything, how will this be any different??”

And listen, I get it. You’ve tried all the different exercises online, tried going to classes, but they were all too difficult.

All while juggling your already demanding lifestyle.

So OF COURSE it feels like nothing is working.

But one way I help my clients overcome this is by helping them get clear on what their vision is, and what exactly is getting in the way.

Then, focusing on THAT.

Focus on being driven and motivated by your vision for yourself vs. focusing on all the things that haven’t worked.

It comes down to this: LOOKING BACK WILL KEEP YOU STUCK.

So if you want to learn how to create a SOLID and CLEAR game plan that is actually sustainable and fits your needs, as well as the lifestyle you want for yourself…

Then I urge you to contact me to a chat about this

07565 976 129 

The results Vicky got are possible for you too! And with me in your corner, you’ll be unstoppable!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Does your back ache from sitting at a desk all day?  Maybe it’s time to take a look at your chair?  In this video below I share with you my tips to finding the best office chair and the importance of a lumbar support.

If you know someone else who might benefit from this video, share away!

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