Stress management

In today’s fast-paced world, stress is an ongoing challenge that can significantly impact our daily lives. Whether it’s due to work pressures, relationship strains, or other demanding circumstances, stress can manifest in various forms, affecting our mental and physical health.

However, there are effective strategies to address and manage stress. One such approach is to cultivate practices that promote relaxation and inner peace. By investing in these techniques, individuals can empower themselves to combat the negative effects of stress and enhance their overall well-being.

Among these practices, meditation emerges as a powerful tool. Through meditation, individuals can quiet their minds, alleviate stress levels, and improve mental clarity. Additionally, decluttering one’s physical environment can contribute to a sense of order and calm amidst life’s chaos, further reducing stress and fostering a peaceful state of mind.

Embracing these practices is crucial for those seeking to alleviate stress and enhance their quality of life. By incorporating meditation and decluttering into their daily routines, individuals can take proactive steps toward achieving greater mental and emotional well-being.

Below is a list of my courses I currently have on offer. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to explore meditation or a complete beginner to exercise I have a wealth of offerings available to support you on your journey towards greater peace and serenity.

Free courses which have no charge if you live, work or have a Doctors Surgery in BANES : 

Introduction to Exercise Tuesday 10.30am
Chair Yoga Tuesdays 1.30pm
Complete Beginners Pilates Monday 4.30pm
Declutter your home – Fridays 9.30am

Classes with a fee: 

Pilates Monday 5.45pm, Tuesday 9.30am and Wednesday 9.30am
Complete Beginners Yoga – Tuesday 1030am & Thursday 4.30pm
Chakra & Sound relaxation – Friday 19th April 6.30 – 8.30pm
Sound Gong relaxation – Friday 5th April 6.30 – 7.30pm

Complete this form below if you would like to chat to me about any of these or would like me to send you more information on how to sign up. 

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