We are in the smaller room so spaces are limited to 20 people total. click here to book your space
Need a break away from the tv and home life? Join us for family yoga – A place to spend quality time together, meet other like minded people. Book your spot by clicking here.
It is suitable for most ages over 4 (but any age always welcome).
You can pay via Bank transfer to Mrs Coyle  please quote “Family” or paypal or cash. If you are paying bank transfer or cash please select Pay by cash on booking system.
I need your help. : I’m looking for a helper/s to welcome people, take a register and help me tidy up in exchange for a free ticket. (could be a different person each month)

A   Q U O T E   F R O M   S A M

“My favourite bit is crawling under the down dog tunnel”

A   Q U O T E   F R O M   I S S I E

“I loved the singing”