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Thank you for signing up for family yoga. 

I’m super excited you’re joining us

Here’s some info

  1. I recommend you wear comfortable clothes, bare foot, bring a soft toy for the children and a drink.
  2. Bring a mat , towel or picnic blanket  (1 mat is enough for 2 people).
  3. If not already done so, <<Click here>> to book your space on my booking system.
  4. If you decide to keep attending you can buy mats from ebay: Click here for a link to the £5.99 for thinner sticky (yoga type mat) 
  5. Please complete this online registration / medical form
  6. For a full list of classes and location address click here
  7. If you haven’t already paid – here is the Paypal address:
  8. 24 hours noticed is required if you wish to cancel your space class.


That’s it. Get ready to enjoy the fun!

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Family yoga Keynsham
Family Yoga Keynsham

A   Q U O T E   F R O M   S A M

“My favourite bit is crawling under the down dog tunnel”

L A Y L A,   7  Y E A R S

“I feel happy and relaxed. I enjoyed all of it”.

A M B E R,  8  Y E A R S  O L D

“I feel proud because I was nervous”

A   Q U O T E   F R O M   I S S I E

“I loved the singing”