Back pain

As someone who’s struggled with back pain after 3 car accidents 😮, I guess it’s maybe not surprising that I’ve ended up working in the fitness area.


I see other adults struggling with their lower back pain, having visited doctors on numerous occasions and feeling like their back isn’t improving the way they wanted. They then start to worry about their long term health, what will they feel like when they get older, will they be able to manage? And they begin to think that this back pain is what they have to live with forever.


Because relying on medication for managing pain can be so helpful but is it really something people want to rely on for the rest of their lives? And so this is why I chose to work with people with lower back pain.


There’s nothing like working with someone and being told “I haven’t taken my pain killers for my back, my back is feeling so great and it’s all down to you.” 

Of course it’s not all down to me, it’s the individuals that make the change and follow the exercises that bring the results, it’s the job or both of us working together as a team. I feel truly blessed with my students, they are grateful for me and i’m grateful to them!


I love what I do, I love working with people, I love seeing people achieve their goals

I’m now offering PEMF sessions to help with those aches and pains

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